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3 words for Prolapse Awareness Month

Creating more awareness

Prolapse was a term I’d never heard until a decade ago when a close relative went through prolapse repair surgery. 

You may know lots about prolapse (many of my clients do). Or you may have never heard about it until you were given your own diagnosis. 

I’ve linked to a blog which includes some of the most common questions: 

  • how is pelvic organ prolapse defined? 
  • what are the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse? 
  • what are the risk factors for prolapse? 
  • what to do if you think you have a prolapse? 
  • what does a prolapse mean for exercise? 


An opportunity for hope

A prolapse diagnosis can be many things; a disappointment, a shock, distressing, provides a sense of understanding (why you may be experiencing some symptoms), a call to action. 

You may also feel like your active life is no longer accessible to you if you’ve had a prolapse diagnosis. 

When you are at the start of your journey (or wondering if you’ll ever feel ready to start) please know there is so much hope and so many options: 

  • for movements to do now 
  • movements that will build towards the training you want to be doing 
  • for improving symptoms 
  • options for strategies so you feel stronger in the gym 
  • strategies so you feel stronger in life 

Time, action and patience is huge in experiencing a change to your physical symptoms. Plus finding acceptance of your situation and being able to move forward is the key to living an active and awesome life. 


Taking action

Taking action for your pelvic health is an act of rebellion as well as self-care. 

You’re rebelling against a healthcare system built by men 

Rebelling against the notion that having a baby, going through menopause or simply being a woman means you have to accept pelvic pain, leaking, or prolapse. 

If you have been diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse and you’re wondering how to get back to the exercise you love, find out all about my Positive POP Framework. This combines strength-based workouts and gentle coaching so you can exercise without worrying about your prolapse.  

6 months ago I wrote to a number of women’s magazines to see if they would like to feature an article about Prolapse Awareness Month. I never heard back but you can find 30 days of Prolapse Awareness on my Instagram. Click here to find the posts. 

Beth Davies is an experienced personal trainer and coach specialising in female health, pelvic health, pelvic organ prolapse, and exercise. Her programmes educate, empower and support women back to training or their active life, eliminating symptoms and building strength and confidence. She has been featured in publications such as Stylist, Marie Claire UK, Woman & Home, and Metro

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