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3 mistakes you are making with your pelvic floor exercises

If you are experiencing pelvic floor symptoms such as leaking, prolapse, pelvic pain, or recovery from birth or gynae surgery, it’s likely that you have been told to do pelvic floor exercises. These squeezes of the pelvic floor muscles are the first line of treatment for pelvic floor treatment and strengthening the muscles. 

However, if you have not done these before or struggle with technique, you may be making these mistakes. And interestingly, research shows that around 30% of women perform pelvic floor exercises incorrectly.  

Mistake #1 expecting them to fix everything

Whilst pelvic floor exercises are the go to for many pelvic floor issues, they do have limitations. I particularly see this with pelvic organ prolapse where someone has diligently done their 3 sets pf 10 every day and yet still experience symptoms. This is because strength is only one element of prolapse symptoms. Whilst you want a strong and well-functioning pelvic floor, symptoms are not solely down to a ‘weak pelvic floor’ but a more complex interaction. 

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Mistake #2 breath holding

This might be because you are concentrating so damn hard and still not sure if you’re doing them right. If you are unsure about your technique, work with a pelvic floor physio who can check your tendencies and ensure you are doing them correctly. Alternately, insert a clean finger and see what happens when you squeeze and lift. Also, cut yourself some slack – it’s not like doing a squat or bicep curl. These are a group of muscles, with multiple layers, they don’t have a huge range of motion and are not visible to you. It might take some practise. 


Mistake #3 doing them in a position where your pelvis is tucked

I have no idea who suggested doing Kegels at the traffic lights! But we can find a much better position for the pelvis! A tucked pelvis position can make it more challenging to access the pelvic floor muscles. And potentially results in a squeeze that sends pressure downwards, rather than that lovely lift we actually want. 

And you should be concentrating on the traffic – not counting to 10 ;) 

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Beth Davies is a highly experienced personal trainer and coach specialising in female pelvic health, pelvic organ prolapse and exercise. Her programmes educate, empower and support women back to training or their active life, eliminating symptoms and building strength and confidence. She has been featured in women’s lifestyle magazines and websites, including  StylistMetroWoman & Home and Marie Claire UK 

Beth’s training and coaching for women with pelvic organ prolapse provides face-to-face personal training in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, and online across the UK and Europe. 

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