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Do you need a “perfect pelvic floor or core”?


A good few years back, I remember walking in to see a physio and saying “I’d like to have a perfect pelvic floor”

Cringe!!!! and I was a long way off at that point too!

I can laugh at that now because I know my body is different to how it was. And in every sense, I’m committed to living in the one I have and enjoying it. 

You might be caught up in the belief that your pelvic floor needs to be as strong AF before you get to enjoy movement again. I totally get that because that was the standard I set myself too.

But curiosity about how movements (and variations of them) feel for you is a great way to move yourself forward.

I don’t work with clients to get them a perfect pelvic floor or core but help them make progress so they are worrying less and doing more (often much more than they thought possible) and noticing the impact it has on their life.

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