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A strong and functional pelvic floor isn’t just about Kegels and squeezing! This guide outlines my 3 C’s for a more athletic pelvic floor; connection, capacity, and confidence.

online programme for prolapse

We tend to think Prolapse is just about the pelvic floor, but the way you think and what you believe can also affect your symptoms. Here are some exercises to reframe your beliefs around prolapse.

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Download this free video guide on how to check for Diastasis Recti. Includes a bonus video on reasons why your diastasis may not be healing.

If you feel like you are on and off the fitness and diet wagon, this guide is for you. 5 reasons why you’re struggling to stay consistent.

online programme for prolapse
‘Back to Impact’ Mini course 
A free mini course for those who have completed their rehab and would like to return to higher impact activities. NB I also talk about my Back to Impact group course which is time sensitive and running in March.