Beth Davies Coaching

LIFTED! Hypopressives is a postural, breathing and movement technique that improves symptoms of leaking, prolapse, diastasis recti and pelvic pain. LIFTED! Hypopressives combines specific pelvic floor and core training alongside strength based workouts to strengthen your whole body plus your pelvic floor muscles.

LIFTED! Hypopressives are for you if :

  • You’re on a rehab roundabout starting yet another programme, doing hundreds of Kegels or exhaling on exertion but still feel ALL the prolapse or leaking symptoms
  • You struggle with “the breathing bit” of traditional core and floor exercises and you’re never sure you’re properly “connected”
  • The letting go of your pelvic floor seems super tricky via traditional relaxation techniques or pelvic floor stretches
  • You spend ALOT of time and energy being super cautious because of your prolapse but you’re not actually feeling any better 
  • You’d love to feel confident to exercise but you can’t get past the feelings of heaviness even with light weights and low impact

How does LIFTED! Hypopressives work?

What happens in your sessions? 

  • Your chance to share your pelvic health journey so far – what you feel has been useful, where are the gaps in your training so we can start to build your personalised plan 
  • Movement and tendencies screen so we can identify tendencies that may or may not be helpful to your pelvic health 
  • Personalised sessions that combine hypopressives plus strength based workouts so you feel strong EVERYWHERE! 
  • Follow up videos and a weekly check in