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NEW! Postnatal classes in Leamington Spa

Exercising in the postnatal period can feel a little confusing and overwhelming. There’s no shortage of advice online. The online ‘influencers’ are sharing their bounce-back and weight loss tips. And now your little one is here, you’re thinking that some exercise would feel good but you’re not sure what to do. 

Maybe you’ve noticed some pelvic floor or core symptoms that you’re not sure what to do with or what that means for exercise. 

Or you’ve been given the green light by your GP at your 6-week check but you don’t see how you can get back to the exercise you’d like to be doing. 

Perhaps, you’re Googling the hell out of “post-natal exercises” but wondering how it applies to you. 

You are not alone! 

That is why I have created From Bump to Barbell postnatal classes in Leamington Spa. 

Introducing From Bump to Barbell postnatal classes

From Bump to Barbell is a post-natal exercise class for mums (with babies of any age – even the not-so-little ones!). It combines the pelvic floor and core rehab you need with the functional strength training you’d like to be doing. 

In each 6-week block, we’ll work on re-building strength and function, as well as a weekly mini-masterclass on habits that supercharge your post-natal healing. 

These include: 

  • Your core and floor tendencies 
  • Relaxation for new mums 
  • Nutrition for new mums 
  • Bowel & bladder habits 
  • Self-compassion 

From Bump to Barbell is perfect for you if 

  • You’d love to exercise post-pregnancy but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all the post-natal messaging about weight loss, bouncing back, and toning up 
  • You have a mild diastasis, prolapse, or some pelvic floor symptoms and still want to move without worrying you are making things worse 
  • Your ultimate aim is to be back in the gym, strength training, CrossFit, or just stronger for mum life 
  • You’re no longer newly postnatal but would love to build core, pelvic floor, and full body strength (yes, you can do this anytime!)

Details for postnatal classes in Leamington Spa


Starting 22nd September at Core Gym (Bedford Street CV32 5DT)

Cost: £89 per 6 week block (discounted price of £79 if you’re on my email list) 

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