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LIFTED! 8 week online rehab programme for women with pelvic organ prolapse

Ease bothersome prolapse symptoms, understand the how of exercising with prolapse and get stronger and more confident with this 8 week rehab programme

online programme for Pelvic organ prolapse

This prolapse rehab course is for you if;

– You would love to improve the prolapse symptoms you’re experiencing but have no idea where to start 

-You want to strengthen your core and pelvic floor but feel confused about how to do this 

– You have been newly diagnosed, or experiencing lots of symptoms or are pre/post surgery or navigating your prolapse alongside a post natal recovery and would like a gentle and effective way of starting to exercise again 

-You have a goal of getting back to lifting, running or just being active and would like to build some super strong foundations 

LIFTED! Prolapse Rehab Programme

LIFTED! is an online coaching programme containing 8 weeks of strength-based workouts so you can get back to movement AND think less about your prolapse. Plus the benefit of an optimistic community so you feel less alone on your rehab journey. 

This 8-week rehab programme provides the foundations of exercising safely with prolapse. It gently builds from bodyweight core and pelvic floor exercises to more functional movements such as squats, deadlifts, plank variations, ab exercises, and more. So you feel stronger, more confident and experience fewer prolapse symptoms. 

Here’s what’s included: 

– Educational videos on pelvic organ prolapse. women’s health, nutrition and lifestyle, all of which help with managing and improving prolapse symptoms 

– A weekly workout that progresses each week so you build strength and capacity. Each workout combines mobility, strength, and relaxation for the ultimate POP-friendly workout

-An optimistic community around you to support your journey 

– Monthly group coaching session for all LIFTED! & PROJECT STRONG clients

– Cost: a one-off payment of £199

When you click the payment link and pay, you’ll see a link to access your welcome pack which includes the programme link and password to access the online video content. Plus quick links to all the separate videos

Prolapse rehab to help you feel supported, empowered and educated

“What a fantastic programme! You have been so supportive throughout. I needed support with how to return to exercise whilst improving my pop. I was worried that left to my own devices I would go in too hard and aggravate it further. By letting me adapt/ switch movements and by giving me more than one weeks programming at a time, I was able to chop and change the movements depending on how I was feeling. It also taught me how to scale back movements I was familiar with to support my recovery. Learning to breathe differently was a big help too. As someone who is used to lifting weights, I am used to bracing my core/ pelvic floor and creating tension. Un-learning this and being mindful of breathing out when lifting has further supported my recovery. I am now 6 month post partum and am almost totally assymptomatic :) I have also returned to my beloved barbell lifts the week. Thank you for all your help, your support throughout was perfect and I will definetly recommend you :)”

“Beth, you have made this part of my life very manageable, both pre and post op. you gave very clear and detailed advise. Loved the videos , this made it easier to go back and check that I was getting it right. The information on the videos ie. breathing ,connection were very informative and helped to explain/ understand the reasons why I need to do what you say! I feel that I have the tools to continue forward on my journey. Yes, this is a journey as there is always room for improvement and to continue to maintain my pelvic floor health, you have may this feel more manageable and have broken it down in to bit size pieces that are easier to understand and to put into practice.
Will miss looking forward to the next week of exercises to do!
Will look forward to seeing you on IG for hints”

“had urodynamics on Sunday and no longer have any evidence of urge incontinence or overactive bladder so that’s a huge positive that medical intervention couldn’t solve but exercise has”
“By the middle of the programme I was alot more confident in what my body could do. I was less worried about walking and moving generally and had learnt how to let go of all the gripping and tension”
online rehab programme for prolapse