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Online programmes for prolapse

Online programmes for prolapse and personal training gained loads more popularity during the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021. The fitness industry jumped online and personal training sessions were Zoomed into clients kitchen’s, offices, and playrooms. 

In its purest sense, online personal training is less about “a PT session”. But more about accessing a personal trainer or coach’s expertise without their physical presence. 

Here are 3 reasons why I love online personal training (as much as in-person 1:1 coaching). Plus, why I offer both in my exercise programmes for women with pelvic organ prolapse. 

online programme for prolapse

Online training is more flexible

You don’t need to book in for a session. If your online personal trainer provides a video or handout, you can simply have this on your phone when you go to the gym. 

Do your workout whenever you want! Your online personal trainer or coach should be able to provide exercise progressions and regressions. Plus support and accountability. 

You are not restricted by location for your personal training

Whilst it’s amazing to support local businesses, you might find it hard to find someone to help if your needs are specific.  My pelvic health approach to fitness is not particularly common within the fitness industry so many of my clients have come to me because they can’t find the help they need in their local area.

Online programmes for prolapse still offer accountability

Clients often say, “I love the accountability of a personal trainer”. However, online personal training can really help supercharge someone’s momentum to train. 

I talk to all my clients about the strategies they can use across any exercise (or activity of daily life). This means they can start to build confidence in their own ability. Plus have the autonomy to make their own decisions when it comes to training, which builds trust in their body again. 

This often helps reduce symptoms too! 

I use an app to have conversations with my clients. This means they are able to feed back on how their online programme is going. They can ask for more regressions and progressions. Or support if they are struggling to find time for the workouts. 

Both my online programmes for prolapse offer the best of both worlds. Whilst many personal trainers just offer in-person or online training, this is a special combination of both. This is because I truly believe that being supported through a prolapse journey is really important for my clients. 

Personalised online coaching for prolapse

2 face to face or Zoom coaching sessions.

These are super useful in: 

  • getting to know each other 
  • looking at your tendencies and how they show up in exercise (and how they might be contributing to your symptoms in everyday life)
  • finding a handful of strategies that can immediately change your experience of movement and exercise 
  • uncovering unhelpful beliefs you have around training and pelvic health and gently moving you forward 

Armed with your strategies and ability to change your symptoms, we can concentrate on building you an awesome plan that gets you back to the exercise you love.  Plus you get coaching support, questions answered, and rants listened to in Voxer app (which is a bit like a walkie-talkie!). 

If you are interested in this hybrid online programme for prolapse, you can find out more about it here 

If you have pelvic organ prolapse and this hybrid online programme sounds right for you, you can book a free chat here 

If you are right at the start of your prolapse journey and you’re wondering how to get back to the exercise you love, here is a client story of how my lovely client got back to CrossFit 

Pre-recorded Online Programme for prolapse 

LIFTED! Online combines 12 weeks of pre-recorded videos along with weekly check-ins. If you’re looking for the next step after Kegels, this plan is perfect for you. Each online workout is gently progressed over time and incorporates key movements such as squats, lunges, and core exercises. Plus mobility and relaxation. 

You can find out more here 

Interested to know more, book a pelvic health pow wow here 

If you have pelvic organ prolapse, and you want to enjoy exercise without worrying you’re making you’re making things worse, one of my online programmes could be ideal in supporting your goals. Online programmes for POP offer flexibility, accountability and personalisation. 

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