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Pelvic Floor & Core Rehab

Why do you need pelvic floor rehab?

The little leaks…or heaviness after exercise…or the disappearing core…or the “I’m getting older/had a baby/hysterectomy/menopause”(delete as appropriate) and should expect some issues…

Are signs that your pelvic floor & core need some attention.  

But this doesn’t mean doing loads of pelvic floor exercises when you’re sat at the traffic lights or squeezing your vagina whenever you move. 

It’s about taking a step back and looking at the big picture:

Understanding your tendencies in the way that you move and breathe and live your life. 

Looking at your current strategies and how you can be more effective during exercise and daily life so you can do more and worry less about your core or pelvic floor. 

Going back over your exercise, injury and movement history to see what else may be contributing. 

It may mean some re-education and re-training. 

So that you can sneeze, laugh and jump without leaking  

Run without worrying about prolapse symptoms 

Get rid of your lingering back or pelvic pain

relaxation for pelvic organ prolapse
pelvic floor rehab

Pelvic floor & core rehab sessions are for you if:

-you have some mild core or pelvic floor issues that you’d like to resolve. Including mild prolapse symptoms, incontinence (leaking) or diastasis recti. 

-you’d like to return to high level exercise and want to build a strong foundation with emphasis on your core, pelvic floor and total body strength. 

-you want a holistic approach combining the physical and emotional. 

-you are finding post-natal fitness classes or your usual gym classes outside your current capacity and would like to get back to doing them.

Sessions include:

 -a gentle debrief of your story and recovery so far, with techniques to support your emotional wellbeing. 

-assessment of core function, diastasis check and posture.

-breathing techniques so you engage and strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles.  

-appropriate exercises that can be easily progressed so you can build strength to cope with everyday physical demands. 

-bladder and bowel education because these can impact on your symptoms and recovery.

-gentle mindset coaching to help you navigate a return to exercise which honours both your body and your mind. 

-a roadmap of what your progression back to exercise looks like. 

-face to face (or online) sessions with video and voice message/text support in between sessions. 

Cost – £249 per month (3 face to face or Zoom sessions per month with messaging support & video follow up) 

Hybrid face to face and personalised video programme (for 2 x face to face/ Zoom sessions plus a  6 week video programme designed just for you, plus messaging support) – £300