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The Positive POP Framework for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

pelvic organ prolapse

Your active life is so important to you but you’re being held back by something that feels out of your control. Pelvic organ prolapse is ruling your life and how you live it.  You’re doing all the right things; you’ve totally nailed pelvic floor exercises and if anyone wants to know anything about prolapse, you’re a font of knowledge.

You’ve checked out loads of programmes and you might even have tried to have pieced together your own but don’t feel 100% sure that what you’re currently doing is going to get you to where you want to be.

You could settle for what’s on the “prolapse safe” exercise lists but deep down, you know there is more to life than this.

You want that buzz of exercise; the sweat and the flushed cheeks and surge of energy without an influx of symptoms afterwards

You want to walk into the weights area of your gym and feel the barbell in your hands again without the niggling voice saying “you’re not allowed”

You want to run around after your kids and play endless silly games without worrying about your pelvic floor

These are the reasons why I created The Positive POP Framework which combines personal coaching with progressive exercise.

Here are the different ways we can work together:

Positive POP 1:1 Coaching

Working together to build serious strength and confidence so you can get back to the exercise you love and keep progressing even after we’ve finished. 

Perfect if you love working 1:1 and you’re after a super tailored approach.

£249 per month (I typically work with clients for 4-6 months)

Positive POP Next Step

This is perfect if you’ve been discharged from physio or completed a rehab programme but you’re wondering “what on earth do I do now?” 

In this 90 minute session we create a roadmap and look at strategies to support your return to doing more.

£145 for 90 minute session, video follow up and a month of support 

Please contact me to discuss bespoke packages 

pelvic organ prolapse
lift weights with prolapse Pelvic organ prolapse