Beth Davies Coaching

Post Natal Recovery and Return to Exercise  

From Bump to Barbell is my bespoke approach to post-natal recovery and exercise. It combines pelvic floor and core rehab with functional strength training and easy nutrition for mum life.

Post natal recovery

Exercising when you've just had a baby can feel like a minefield!

Wondering how to start exercising now your gorgeous little one is here?  Noticing some pelvic floor or core symptoms that you’d like to improve and alleviate? Feeling confused about what is safe or unsafe for your diastasis or postpartum prolapse? Googling the hell out of “post-natal exercises” but wondering how it applies to you? 

Don’t worry, I got you! 

From Bump to Barbell is a post-natal course for mums (with babies of any age – even the not-so-little ones!). It combines the pelvic floor and core rehab you need with the functional strength training you’d like to be doing. 

We’ll work on re-building strength and function, as well as a weekly mini-masterclass on habits that supercharge your post-natal healing:

  • Your core and floor tendencies 
  • Relaxation for new mums 
  • Nutrition for new mums 
  • Bowel & bladder habits 
  • Self-compassion 

From Bump to Barbell is perfect if:

  • You’d love to exercise post-pregnancy but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all the post-natal messaging about weight loss, bouncing back, and ‘toning up’ 
  • You have a mild diastasis, prolapse, or some pelvic floor symptoms and still want to move without worrying you are making things worse 
  • Your ultimate aim is to be back in the gym, strength training, CrossFit, or just stronger for mum life 
  • You’re no longer newly postnatal but would love to build core, pelvic floor, and full body strength (yes, you can do this anytime)

Want help navigating your postpartum return to exercise?
Here's how we can work together

From Bump to Barbell 1:1 training

Personalised post natal or pregnancy coaching to support your recovery and confident return to exercise post-baby:

  • 3 x face to face or zoom coaching sessions per month
  • Personalised video programming so you can continue to progress outside of sessions 
  • Coaching support and accountability 5 days a week 
  • £250 per month (minimum of 3 months commitment)

From Bump to Barbell 90 Minute session

An intensive 90-minute session on one of the following: 

  • Postnatal Return to Running – includes a return to run screening, pelvic health history plus workouts to support your return to postnatal running 
  • Diastasis deep dive – tummy, posture, and movement assessment plus workouts and lifestyle plan to help you heal your diastasis 
  • Each package includes a 90-minute session, follow-up videos, and 15 minute check-in chat
  • Price: £125

What my clients say

“I recently had a baby and I felt that I needed some guidance around nutrition, healing and getting back to exercise after my pregnancy. I also had Diastasis Recti. I felt I would benefit from  specialist programme which helped me to strengthen my core muscles in a way that improves this condition and I also needed some motivation to stick to a nutritious healthy eating routine. We had an intensive month with Beth to start with and then we meet every month to follow up on my progress. I would highly recommend speaking to Beth to every new mum, she will ensure that you gain your confidence back whilst you nourish, support and challenge your body in the right way”

“I have been going back to my circuit HIIT classes now they are open again and I can do so much than before. pelvic floor exercises have really made a difference too”

“My diastasis recti has improved very significantly and she couldn’t feel it anymore at all! All the hard work and exercises have worked :)” 

“I would like to say a massive thank you for guiding me through my postnatal journey. It has helped me put things in perspective”

“I was thoroughly confused as to what exercises I should and should not be doing post birth whilst also working on pelvic floor relaxation.

I am more easily able to recognise when I am overdoing it and change my behaviour accordingly. The vaginismus has greatly improved and I can tolerate pelvic examinations so much better than before. 

I don’t dread going to the doctors now for examinations. The focus on relaxation work has also benefitted my mental health as I have a tendency to try and do too much  and get stressed as a result. I have more confidnence exercising too. knowing what I should be focusing on” 

“Beth has been a very supportive and knowledgeable PT helping me with diastasis. Beth has helped me to regain core strength with tailored exercises, whilst also understanding the emotional impact diastasis has on women following pregnancy. Beth’s video summaries of each exercise are fantastic and extremely helpful. I’ve used PT’s who specialise in this area but Beth’s service is by far superior. I highly recommend using Beth”

“Beth provided a very personalised support package for me. She offered a very holistic approach covering all aspects of health and how I could support myself through the pre and post natal period. I appreciated her consideration and adaptations for my particular physical needs and always felt very comfortable and safe with Beth. She was a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to work with her again soon”

“I’ve always been nervous about talking about pelvic floor health – to be honest I didn’t know it was a thing you could really improve until I met Beth. Beth is so knowledgeable and passionate about women’s health it’s kind of infectious – she instils in every class and one in one session that you don’t have to settle for the effects that pregnancy may have had on your pelvic floor. There’s no question that’s too embarrassing, just total compassion and support”