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PROJECT STRONG - coaching for lifters and gym lovers with prolapse

Working 1:1 over 4 months, you'll go from feeling like strength training with prolapse is confusing, complicated and scary, to simple and joyful (and you'll build buckets of strength and confidence too)
PROJECT STRONG combines strength-based workouts, pelvic health education, curiosity and coaching. Which means you can get back under the barbell with confidence (and without worrying about what's going on "down there")

online coaching pelvic organ prolapse

PROJECT STRONG is for you if:

  • You are spinning your wheels trying to make rehab exercises feel like “proper exercise” when it just doesn’t (and you’re not sure it ever will)
  • You felt like you were making progress with strength training but every time symptoms crop up, you feel like you’re back to square one, doing a gazillion Kegels and wondering what you did wrong (nothing, by the way)
  • You’ve resigned yourself to a life of Pilates and swimming (I love both of these by the way) because you’ve been told that lifting, going to the gym, CrossFit, or running (delete as appropriate) will make your prolapse worse (and deep down, you’re not sure this is really true) 
  • You know how to lift or train but prolapse adds a new dimension and you’ve no idea what this looks or feels like. You know if you want to get back to the stuff you love, you might need a different process from what you’ve done before
  • You’ve done a shed load of research but the advice is conflicting and what used to feel simple, now feels confusing and overwhelming
  • You’ve been diagnosed with prolapse and have no idea what you can and can’t do but you know you want to continue with the lifting/CrossFit training that you love

You want a life which isn't dictated by the look and position of your pelvic organs, so you can:

  • Feel excited and challenged by your training without the fear of your organs leaving your body  
  • Live life away from what’s on the “prolapse safe” exercise list and have the autonomy to make your own training decisions
  • Walk into the weights section of your gym and knock out some barbell squats without a niggling voice saying “you’re not allowed” 
  • Step back into feeling like the strong and powerful women you know you are (and the vibe you get from lifting) 
  • Easily manage symptoms if they crop up because you know what they mean and how you can improve them (and that they don’t need to stop you lifting)

But here's the issue with the current approach to exercise with prolapse

  • It’s all about the pelvic floor muscles – squeezing on every rep or waiting until they are perfect before you progress
  • There is a huge gap between rehab and the training you want to be doing (with many personal trainers having no education about pelvic health). This is why, once you’ve finished rehab, you’re not sure who can help, or how qualified they are. 
  • Outdated literature still warning against lifting, running, CrossFit, any joy related physical activity…
  • And the fitness industry still churns out the all or nothing approach that ignores the “bit in the middle” which is the bit you really need. 

Need someone who can help you navigate this,
armed with a bucketload of education and tools?
Here's how we can work together

PROJECT STRONG 1:1 Coaching programme

From unpacking your beliefs around lifting weights with prolapse, to how you breathe and move, this epic 4 month 1:1 totally personalised programme will give you everything you need to get lifting again (and keep progressing even after we’ve finished)

It combines face-to-face or Zoom sessions with personalised videos and coaching support to help build serious strength and confidence. So you can get back to the exercise you love without worrying about your pelvic floor all the time. 

Perfect if you love working 1:1 and you’re after a super-tailored approach

£300/month for 4 months

What you'll learn in PROJECT STRONG

  • Pelvic floor friendly tools and strategies, to give you the confidence to lift with prolapse 
  • The psychology of symptoms and how to soothe symptoms without millions of pelvic floor exercises
  • How to strengthen your whole body (including your pelvic floor) 
  • How to progress exercises from your thera-bands and light weights to kettlebells, dumbells, and your old friend the barbell
  • How your pelvic floor really works and how you can improve your long term pelvic health
  • Everything I’ve learnt about POP that is applicable and helpful for your journey – I want you to feel super empowered 

If you want to strength train with prolapse, you deserve to feel supported and encouraged, just like these clients:

“I went to the gym this morning and deadlifted and back squatted 45 kilos for 12 reps. I did 4 sets of deadlifts and 3 back squats. I definitely could have gone heavier and it felt really great doing them back to back

“I have also been trying the CrossFit movements you gave me and did the workout on Monday. Also felt good. My body is sore in the best way :)”

“This has been the best coaching I have ever had. Never did anyone tell me that lifting weights could feel good again. I literally skip to the gym to get my training in and have rejoined my CrossFit box too!”

“When I started working with Beth I was constantly thinking about my pelvic floor and felt like I had tried everything to make me feel better so working with Beth was my last chance to get better. 

The biggest changes I have noticed are; able to lift weights at the gym, acceptance, of where I am and how I can move forward in my life without pelvic floor dominating my life. 

I now feel like I can workout how I want to which is great for my physical and mental health”

“With Beth’s encouragement and education, I have greatly improved symptoms of my prolapse. I’m back in the gym and my workouts look more like they did “pre-prolapse”. 

It has taken time and patience but has restored confidence in my body which no longer feels broken”

“From my first session with Beth, I knew this was going to be different! I love that Beth didn’t just talk about prolapse and the pelvic floor. We worked on what I can do in the gym and I now carry with me lots of strategies for my weight lifting workouts”