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Can Hypopressives help pelvic floor issues?

Understanding hypopressives Hypopressives, also known as hypopressive exercises or low-pressure fitness, is a type of exercise method developed by Dr. Marcel Caufriez, a Belgian gynecologist, in the 1980s. Unlike traditional exercises that focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles through contraction, hypopressives aim to restore and enhance pelvic health by utilizing a combination of postural …

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How to improve prolapse symptoms

Many women with POP, want to know how to improve prolapse symptoms. This can be to improve quality of life, to be able to move forward without prolapse dominating their life or to be able to exercise again without worrying about POP.  So, first things first, let’s have a look at some common prolapse symptoms.  …

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Strength training with a prolapse

Trying to navigate strength training with a prolapse can feel a tad tricky. On one hand, you see the fitness industry recommending it for women. But you may also have been told, “don’t lift”, “don’t do weights”, “lifting weights is bad for your pelvic floor”.  Let’s take a step back and look at the benefits …

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How to recover from prolapse surgery

As part of your prolapse approach, you may have been advised or chosen to have surgery. This short blog covers: different types of surgery how to prepare for surgery the benefit of pelvic floor muscle training pre-surgery movement prehab (and rehab) lifestyle factors  DISCLAIMER: The information in this blog is not medical advice and does …

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Online programmes for prolapse

Online programmes for prolapse and personal training gained loads more popularity during the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021. The fitness industry jumped online and personal training sessions were Zoomed into clients kitchen’s, offices, and playrooms.  In its purest sense, online personal training is less about “a PT session”. But more about accessing a personal trainer …

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