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Research about lifting weights and prolapse

There are lots of opinions and ideas about lifting weights with prolapse. But we can’t equal this in terms of the volume of research! Given the amount of fear-mongering or talk of safe or unsafe (lifting being considered unsafe…) exercises, let’s dig into the research we do have!  What does it tell use about lifting …

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How to exercise with a prolapse

How can I exercise with a prolapse is a common question I hear. This is often because a diagnosis may also come with a number of limitations. Such as, “don’t lift more than x amount”, or “avoid doing HIIT, or running, or CrossFit” or any other activity that may be considered harmful.  However, exercise isn’t …

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Why prolapse happens

Why prolapse happens is an interesting question.  Whilst it would be simpler to offer one reason, that often isn’t the case. In-fact, pelvic organ prolapse can be:  The result of something done repeatedly that gradually reduces the available support of the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments over time   An event (such as birth) on an …

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