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Emily’s Diastasis Story

“Since having my second baby my abs had pretty much logged off! I enjoy multi-training largely running, cycling and swimming and hope to return to triathlon competitions next year. I have never had a strong core as I found sit up’s and push up’s and all the other ‘standard’ exercises you are told to do incredibly boring, hardwork and for little results. The universe kindly bought me and Beth together, I am sure of it!

I can now finally feel my abs when I run and cycle and as a result I no longer feel completely written off in the afternoons to look after my two young boys. I feel less ‘pregnant’ looking after addressing my diastatis recti and feel lots more confident back in clingy clothes. I still have a way to go but I can safely say these are the best results I have ever had for my abs! 🙂 forever grateful thank you Beth “

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