Beth Davies Coaching

Claire’s return to running

“After the birth of my first child I suffered from the effects of a bad tear made worse by returning to cycling. I started going to Beth’s classes whilst pregnant with my second and on the verge of surgery for double incontinence which was ruining my life. My daughter is now 9 months old and I’ve followed up the birthfit class with mumfit and then the postnatal running course. My physio can’t believe the difference and I no longer need the surgery! Beth has such expertise in getting your core and pelvic floor working together to enable you to function well: from picking up the car seat to doing my first ever 5k in under 29 minutes Beth’s classes have prepared and conditioned me! I’ve taken on lots of the exercises to do alongside my normal pelvic floor training so it’s also lessons for life which is so important for women! Definitely recommend it’s literally changed my life!”

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