Beth Davies Coaching

Post Natal and prolapse recovery

“Beth is a fantastic coach, encouraging and very knowledgeable about all things women’s health which is so important for me as I was suffering with some prolapse symptoms… which I am happy to say have disappeared.

After the birth of my second baby, my body didn’t feel like mine and I was desperate to get back to some activities I was doing pre pregnancy. I decided this time round to do things properly, the Holistic Core restore Everywoman with Beth has been incredible. It was both gentle and challenging and allowed me to connect with my body, trust myself and gradually build some strength.

Following this programme I went on to do the Fit to run group programme, the weekly mobility sessions and running homework was a great way to return to running. Both Beth and the fellow group members were so encouraging and I am so pleased with the progress I have made.

Thank you Beth”

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