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Welcome to Summer Shorts

Before you get bombarded by the September weight loss messaging saying: 

  • you’ve eaten too much ice cream 
  • not done enough workouts 
  • let yourself down because you’ve had a few vino’s 

By the way, I will have done ALL of those things!

I am here to help you see through some of the fitness and diet industry messaging. Plus, introduce you to the 4 F’s of female health 

  • flexibility 
  • freedom 
  • food 
  • fitness 

NB – it’s not just about food and fitness! 

I’ll be creating a weekly (ish email) with a short video to help you make awesome (and autonomous) decisions. 

Let’s forget rules and rigidity! 

If you’d like to join summer shorts, click here to drop me an email on my

contact page and I’ll put you on the list. 


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