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What is making your prolapse symptoms worse?

Prolapse symptoms or the heavy and dragging sensations associated with prolapse can be more than a physical phenomenon. While we typically think of sensation as being purely related to what’s happening at a tissue level, we now understand, largely from studying pain science, that the experience of sensation is the result of more than just what’s occurring directly in the specific region. 

This summary from the POPUp Pro course for professionals explains this succinctly;

“Symptoms are a subjective experience governed by the nervous system. Our body has sensors that provide information. Nociceptors are sensors that respond to physical, chemical, or temperature stressors. Nociceptors send their potential warning signals to the spinal cord, which begins to process the signal. Based on instructions from the brain, turning down (inhibition) or turning up (facilitation), the spinal cord can alter its sensitivity and how much signal gets sent to the brain for interpretation” 

10 things that might make your prolapse symptoms feel worse

– fear of the future

– gripping/tension and holding on (especially to pelvic floor and abs)

– linking symptoms to specific activities and them deeming them unsafe 

– sleep deprivation 

– constipation

– lack of support 

– over Googling

– feeling weaker and less connected to your body 

– loss of control over your life

– negative experience with a healthcare professional or not feeling heard 

10 things that might help prolapse your symptoms feel better

– understanding your body and feeling better educated about prolapse/your pelvic health 

– working towards goals (versus feeling stuck) 

– feeling supported (potentially support of a pessary)

– feeling it’s safe to let go of core and pelvic floor gripping 

– getting stronger and building capacity 

– Awareness but not hyperfocus 

– sleeping well 

– feeling well nourished 

– being present and controlling the controllables 

And this second list, is what LIFTED! aims (and even promises) to do. To help you understand your body and your symptoms. To find ways of dialing them down whilst building strength and capacity and giving you a plan that moves you forward rather than staying stuck. To give you tools not rules. To look beyond the pelvic floor because it’s not just a pelvic floor thing!

So, if you’d like to join us for this 8 week live on Zoom course starting on 30th January, you can sign up here or book a chat here

Read more about LIFTED! here 

Beth Davies is a highly experienced personal trainer and coach specialising in female pelvic health, pelvic organ prolapse and exercise. Her programmes educate, empower and support women back to training or their active life, eliminating symptoms and building strength and confidence. She has been featured in women’s lifestyle magazines and websites, including  StylistMetroWoman & Home and Marie Claire UK 

Beth’s training and coaching for women with pelvic organ prolapse provides face-to-face personal training in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, and online across the UK and Europe. 

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