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WomanKind - compassionate fitness and nutrition coaching for women

Working 1:1 over 6 months to build simple and effective strength, nutrition and pelvic health strategies plus a healthy dose of compassionate coaching and self reflection so you feel ready to take on your world

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Are you running around trying to tick boxes for everyone else but the person whose boxes go unticked is you?

Do you identify with feeling constantly stressed and chasing your tail, feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day?

Unable to prioritise anything because they are all priorities (and more important than you)?

Are you shouldering caring responsibilities alongside work, trying to maintain relationships and some kind of social life?

Have you noticed your body is changing and there’s the odd leak when you run or jump? Or some unaddressed pelvic floor stuff? 

You know you’re in a new stage of life but you’ve no idea where to start when to comes to self-care, exercise and nutrition

But looking after yourself is on the back burner…


It’s time to revolutionise your relationship with food, exercise, your body, and how it fits into your life 

This is the decade of your life that you make long-lasting changes that will support your health through the decades to come 

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel your health is at the bottom of your to-do list and you have no idea how to carve out time and energy for consistent training and nutrition (even though you want to)
  • The exercise you do just doesn’t seem to “work” anymore and the HIIT or cardio is just adding to your stress levels
  • You know you should be eating better but you’re still picking at the kids leftovers and propping up your energy levels with coffee 
  • You want to feel stronger but your gym-timidation is high and you’ve no idea what to do at the gym even if you make it there
  • You’re experiencing symptoms of peri-menopause and/or leaking, or some pelvic organ prolapse symptoms and know that exercise and nutrition (as well as managing stress and sleep) would be useful but you are too overwhelmed to start 
  • You try and allocate time to “relax” but often this ends up being a glass of wine, or an extra long scroll of social media 
  • You know that deep down, looking after your needs will help your capacity to care for others but you’re scared of looking “selfish” for taking the time to do so 
  • You want an experienced and highly qualified coach who has seen and heard it all and deeply understands the challenges that women face when it comes to prioritising themselves (because I have been there too)

And what you'd really like is to;

  • Find an approach that fits your body, your brain and your life, not a one-size-fits-all, someone on Insta said so
  • Easily build your meals around a non-diet yet nourishing and simple approach to food 
  • Ditch the “on or off the wagon” approach to exercise and build a strong, capable and resilient body and mind 
  • Have time and energy to do the exercise versus putting on your gym leggings and hoping for the best 
  • Have a safe space to access when things are hard or to tweak what works 
  • Have an approach that allows you to learn and apply (not just to training and nutrition but to the rest of your life) 

Because, ultimately you want to feel;

  • Better – you just want to feel better – like getting up without a foggy head or being able to focus on work (and you know that’s NOT happening without also improving your exercise, nutrition, and self-care) 
  • You’re not just wishing you were looking after your health but actually have the tools to do it
  • Ready to take on the hormonal changes, knowing that you have already pinned down great nutrition and training 
  • Confident you have an approach that you can follow for the next however many years, taking you through midlife and beyond

Here's what's included in WomanKind;

  • A plan to help you achieve your goals and how you can structure your life around these, to make sure they happen 
  • Twice monthly coaching sessions to help you start and keep taking imperfect but compassionate and consistent action 
  • Weekly check-ins to troubleshoot or tweak your plan 
  • 1:1 access to me through my coaching app 
  • A workout programme that addresses your pelvic health concerns and helps you get fitter and stronger so the demands of  life get easier
  • Monthly community coaching session with all the other amazing women working through my programmes 
  • A holistic approach to your food, fitness, and self-care that’s built around YOUR life, not that of a fitness influencer  

INVESTMENT: £250 per month for 6 months 

online programme for prolapse

Who am I?

Mum, wife, lover of strength training, coffee, and croissants(!)

I am a mum to 2 kids (one of whom has high levels of additional needs and autism) and know that the deeper I can care for myself, the greater my capacity is to care for others. I’m in that interesting decade (I’m 46) where I want to train for the now, like chasing the kids and jumping on the trampoline but have one eye on strength and health for later life (e.g. when I’m old!).  

Professionally I’m a personal trainer and online coach who finds smart and simple ways to help clients prioritise their health, training, and nutrition without getting overwhelmed or undoing all the work with those “f**k it” moments. We are all learning (myself included)  about what works best for our bodies, brains and lives (particularly in our 40s and 50s)  and although there are some boxes we need to tick, this looks different for everyone. This is why you’ll see the word “compassionate” dotted about this page, because without it, making long-lasting change (which is what we need for health) can feel really challenging!

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